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While elegantly reflecting its surroundings these silver coated furniture gives the illusion of a more spacious and open area to its home. This style is a combination of modernism and glamour that makes your space look sophisticated and graceful. The simple yet beautiful finish differs away from the usual fashion of furniture making it unique while still remaining functional.


Decorate with a simple color combination such as cream or light turquoise, or if a brighter color is in order, a pop of sunny yellow or fuchsia to make the silver furniture stand out even more. All the pieces can be combined with table lamps that are slightly larger than normal ones in size. A canvas of contemporary art will fit pleasantly, hanging right above the desired furniture.


When it comes to placing the furniture, the best places calls to halls and living rooms. Even bedrooms can be nicely decorated with i.e. if you were to use the first in the set, instead of a bedside table.


Under the mirrored furniture category also falls tables and chests that have an actual mirror finish which makes the areas even more spacious due to more clearer reflections.


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