2014-09-05 @ 15:41:00 / General

Trays : The new thing

Trays come in all sizes and shapes. Originally they were used for carrying food for the royal folks back in the 1630s and a silver tray was the one to be used if you wanted to show your rank in the pyramid of social classes. And of course, that the food was unpoisonous. But as the times changed the meanings and uses also had changed and eventually carrying foods and drinks was not only for the royal born but also for rest of the other people that also had the same needs.


Today, as much as people like to serve their guests drinks with trays as they did in the ancient times, some of us like to decorate our homes with it. Depending on what your signature style of interior designing is, whether it be modern, shabby chic or French country, you can always get away with styling your tray on your coffee table and be happy about it. As I like to imagine myself as a professional tray decorator (yes we exist) I will share a few tips and tricks on how to do it with the hope that this will help you with styling your own tray!


There are three kinds of trays, the wooden ones, the glass ones and the metal ones. Each fills the purpose if styled perfectly and the first part is to discover which kind is yours.  



^ Wooden trays are more likely to fulfill the satisfaction of a shabby chic lover. It will also fit perfectly into your country inspired interior and with a few peonies or any other various kinds of flowers that tends to blossom into slightly bigger petals/flowers. Pair the flowers with either a ceramic or glass pot/vas to make it even more of a country look. Stack a few decorative plates on the side and top it off with a mini jewelry box to make the glam side of the whole set stand out. A pro when it comes to wooden trays is that throwing what is given in could as a result look naturally good.


Next we have the glass/metal trays and you can style both the same way and it will still look perfect. The round ones goes perfctly with candles. In fact, i think the round trays were made for it. and when i say candles, i mean candle holders, long silver/gold/metallic/color candle holders. Things couldn't get any better than this! Get three candleholders in three different heights and a few jar candles (or add more!). Place them beside each other and add a few stems of hydrangeas in a low vas. If its the silver metallic trays you're styling, blue or purple hydrangeas will complete the look perfectly.
*Tip!* To cozy up on a rainy day use your tray to hold scented candles and flowers with lovely scents and a few books! Light the candles and put it on your sidetable. 
Be inspired through the images i have gathered and make use of your tray! or simply buy one if you desire, and give it a home to you beautiful coffe table or hall furniture. Below are some things you could use to style your tray with. Good luck!